Sunday, 12 November 2017

Missing photos

Just to let you folks know I've had numerous requests about missing photos on my earlier posts and tutorials, this has been due to photobucket altering its 3rd party hosting policy.
Over the next few weeks I'll be redoing the missing tutorials and posts as and when time allows.
Thanks,  Dougie

Monday, 6 November 2017

10mm Falklands Harrier GR3

I've had this Corgi diecast Harrier for a while, its a little over scale but not much, all I've done is paint the panel lines and add a magnet for the flight stand.
Panel lines painted
 magnet attached
 Flight stand base
 top of the Perspex rod

Sunday, 29 October 2017

28ish mm Vietnam

A gaming buddy asked if I was interested in going halves on a Vietnam collection going on LAF. They were the Chiltern miniatures figures which are large and not to everyone's taste, however included were 2 of the Snapdragon resin hootches long out of production so I agreed.
£50 got me 60 primed and based VC a pack of civilians and the 2 hootches.

The hootches
 A VC test figure

28mm Late Roman

Another unit completed, again these were bring and buy purchases tarted up and rebased.

Monday, 16 October 2017

10mm Falklands Buildings

Regulars will know I've had a reasonable collection of 10mm Falklands stuff for a while, mainly from the Pendraken range, this update is covering the really nice 10mm buildings from Timecast

Top Malo House
 Estancia House
 Estancia House outbuilding
 San Carlos House
 Davis Street Bungalows

 Philomel Store (without the store sign so I can use it more generically)

A Cold War Commander game
In the pipeline are a GR3 and a Pucara for the forces involved and further scenery, some sheep pens, sheep and civilian vehicles.

Tuesday, 26 September 2017

28mm Modern UK Platoon finished !... for now

Well eventually got my 28mm UK Platoon finished, albeit some further support to add, mortar, javelin and UAV teams. Having said that it is hard to resist the Empress figures when new releases arrive. All Empress except the sniper from Spectre.
The first photo is a distance shot of the platoon consisting of a 5 man platoon HQ, 3 sections of 2 4man fireteams and my initial support elements. Closer shots below.
 Platoon HQ left to right Platoon Commander, Platoon Sgt, Radio Operator, Medic, JTAC
 GPMG team and Sniper
 Fireteam 1
 Fireteam 2
 Fireteam 3
 Fireteam 4
 Fireteam 5
 Fireteam 6

Sunday, 13 August 2017

28mm Late Roman/Arthurian Sword and Spear

I've been pottering on with my 28mm Late Roman Arthurian set up for a while, buying suitable figures at bring and buys tarting them up and rebasing.
For rules I'd initially been looking at Dux Bellorum, but since picking up a copy of Sword and Spear 2nd Edition at Salute this year I'm converted.
I've kept the basing the same, Impetus sizes, 120mm wide, and I'll initially be looking at 10-12 units which is an ideal size on a club 6x4 table. The system's certainly taken off at Whitley Bay 3D gamers which is testament to the very elegant systems it utilises.
Some pics of the first 6 units below.